Small Africa Reinvented - Book Sculpture

R 2,900.00

This piece is called 'Africa Reinvented' and is made from old paperbacks salvaged from the recycling pile. Tons of books get pulped every year or just dumped in a landfill - through using them and turning them into art pieces I hope to give these books a chance to tell another story. 

Each book page is folded individually and this creates the interesting shapes and patterns. I then cut the books to different sizes and glue them onto a piece of rigid board. This has a sturdy hook on the back for hanging the piece on the wall. Each one is signed.

Please note:  Each piece is made individually and as such will not look exactly like the photograph featured - colour, shape and heights of the books used will vary. 

The piece is available in 4 different sizes as well as for custom size orders.

Mini  - 35 x 25 x 3cm

Small - 55cm x 45cm x 5cm 

Medium - 65cm x 55cm x 7cm 

Large - 75cm x 65cm x 9cm 

** The Different sizes can be ordered via their own listing **

Shipping:  The small sculpture costs R700 to send anywhere in the world outside of the borders of South Africa. I send the art piece via a registered Postoffice Counter to counter courier system from South Africa to anywhere in the world. The box has a global tracking number and you will be notified when it can be collected at your local postoffice.  This takes between 5 to 7 working days.

Door to door courier within the borders of South Africa is FREE

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