Simple Intrigue is an Creative Art Studio owned by Keri Muller. We focus on the development of unique product & art for sale through our own and other stores. Bespoke installations for visual merchandising and events form the other part of what we love to do. Illustration, paper & book art, sculpture and site specific land art form the the rest of the portfolio and keep the inspiration flowing.

Book Artworks by Keri Muller simpleintrigue.com

I am also an avid free-diver and have recently started printing my underwater photographs for sale via this shop.

Underwaterphoto.co  - Keri Muller

One of the things I'm extremely passionate about is highlighting how plastic lands up in the ocean.  Through an ongoing project called 'Plastic Beach' I am constantly collecting plastic I find on the beaches around the Western Cape.  These worn pieces take on a disturbing beauty of their own.  For more information please have a look here on the main website:  


Plastic beach - Keri Muller simpleintrigue.com

Watch the video below to find out more about my love for recycling old books and paper